13 May 2011


Recently my laptop started sounding like it's going to explode at any moment, so in the interest of saving my life's work, I backed up all my files onto my external hard drive.  In doing so, I discovered photos from our trip to Las Vegas in February that I had completely forgotten about.  Vincent and I took an impromptu trip to Fabulous Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend.  We both had an incredible time!  I do not gamble, it stresses me out way too much, but I was perfectly happy to watch Vincent play craps (he even won money!).

We stayed at the Aria, which is part of the new City Center complex of contemporary hotels and shopping.  To architects, Las Vegas is a fascinating place, and if you're at all interested in understanding more about the architectural conundrum that is Las Vegas, I strongly recommend reading Learning from Las Vegas by Robert Venturi, Steven Izenour and Denise Scott Brown.

As any good architecture nerd would, I spent a couple hours taking photos in and around our hotel while Vincent did some work in the hotel room.

Vincent in his favorite Ricky Williams jersey

Even though we had the cheapest type of room at the Aria, it was still one of the nicest hotel rooms I've stayed in.  I really want a shower/tub combo like this one in my future house!

It amazed me to see skyscrapers surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains.  It was such an odd contrast that took me by surprise.

Yes, those are giant, spinning chocolate and white chocolate flowers!

I loved the attention to detail in all aspects of the design and decoration.   

Aria Hotel and Casino

Outside of Crystals shopping center

Contemporary carport at the Aria

Veer Towers

Maybe we can go back for next year's Super Bowl.  Go Pats!


  1. Love these photos! Vegas is such an odd city - especially the contrast between the city and the more rugged backdrop. Also - could you eat the chocolate flowers?!

  2. I wish you could eat the chocolate flowers, but they were behind glass


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