Welcome! I’m Christina, a newlywed, dangerously-close-to-30, Architectural Intern.  I live in New Jersey (just outside of Manhattan) with my husband, Vincent, and our Australian Shepherd, Colbert.

Open studio was conceived as a place to record my thoughts on modern living, particularly what I like, dislike, or would do differently about our apartment.  Shortly before our wedding, we moved out of the 700sf, one bedroom apartment we had rented for four years, into a brand new, 815sf, two bedroom apartment! We have since moved into a third apartment (see The Great Move of 2011) and I continue to learn new things about what I like (or don’t like!) in a home.  While I present my Lessons from Living, this blog provides the opportunity for you, the reader, to share your own observations about design and living as well.

I also use open studio as a place to showcase the works and designers that inspire me, and I hope you can see how Design impacts each of us on a daily basis.  Enjoy!
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