24 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

On Monday, August 22nd I turned 4 years old, and it was yet another example of how terrible my Mommy and Daddy are.  Instead of letting me celebrate the way I wanted to - with an unlimited supply of steak - they forced me to wear a ridiculous party hat, and there was no steak involved whatsoever.  Let’s just say I was not a happy Colbert.


I guess it wasn’t entirely bad.  There was a peanut buttery snack involved, after all.



Next year’s birthday better involve steak or else I’m staging a boycott (of what I’m not sure yet, but it’ll be a good one, let me tell you).  I will also accept chicken, bacon, or hot dogs if steak is not readily available.


  1. Alli, Colbert thanks you for the birthday wishes :) I really enjoyed reading about your Italian (and Greek) adventures this summer!


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