16 January 2012

Gettin' Crafty

For my grandfather’s 89th birthday, I decided to try out a new way to wrap his present.  I had wanted to do special gift wrapping for Christmas presents this year, but time got away from me.  In the past I have used solid-colored wrapping paper, butcher paper, and even old architectural drawings that would have otherwise gone into recycling.  Since I no longer have access to the large rolls of butcher paper scattered throughout the architecture school, I cut up a brown paper bag from Whole Foods to use as the wrapping paper.  Also, I recently purchased a spool of red and white twine and blank gift tags from a craft store located dangerously close to my apartment (I’m going to need to restrain myself when passing by it!).



The inspiration for the gift tag came from these free printable holiday gift tags.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking clearly and I tied the tag to the present before actually writing on it!  Big mistake, hence the smudges and poor handwriting.  I wanted to keep my grandfather’s gift simple, resembling an old-school parcel, and in the future I plan to try out some of these ideas.

Image from More Design Please

Image from Callaloo Soup

Image from Pinterest but can't find the original location.

Image from ManMade


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