01 February 2012

The Office

For not having a full-time job, I sure have been busy lately.  Doing freelance architecture work has its benefits, the primary one being able to work from home.  While I certainly find myself missing the comaraderie found in a firm, it can be relaxing at times to not have to commute anywhere.  I wake up, turn on my computer, and start working before I have even finished my coffee.

Something I really like about our new apartment is the office.  I enjoy working in a space that’s separate from the rest of the apartment, because I feel much more productive when I’m not out in the open, as was the case in our first two apartments.  When I’m working while Vincent is home, he can watch TV or do whatever he wants in the rest of the apartment without distracting me since the office is removed enough.

Even though our office is small, there’s still enough room for the chaise, creating a little reading area in the opposite corner from the desk.  This is something I would repeat in our future house, but I would want it to be more integrated into the space.  Below are some inspiration images.

Image from Contemporist

Image from Contemporist

Currently we have one desk that we share, since we usually aren’t working at the same time.  However, I think I would eventually like to have two desks because I feel bad that I have kind of taken over the desk with my computers and office supplies.  I really like the desk idea below because it’s simple, modern, and still provides plenty of workspace.  I do love our current desk, though.  It’s very contemporary and functional, but it would be nice to let Vincent have his own desk that’s not covered with my stuff.  Maybe one day in our future house.

Image from chezerbey

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