03 June 2012

Pretty Paper

Close friends and family know that I am a stationery fiend.  I have always loved paper products for some inexplicable reason.  I love the look, the texture, everything.  Those same friends and family members also know that I am terrible at sending out thank you cards in a timely fashion.  So it comes as no surprise that I am just now writing the thank you cards from my birthday, which was almost 2 months ago!

For these particular birthday thank yous, I went with one of my favorite stationery brands, Crane & Co.  The cards are blank with a thin strip of color around the edge, and I chose to personalize each with a hand-drawn “Thank You” on the front.  I’m not sure if that is the intended use of these cards, but I did it anyway.  The envelopes are great too because they contain a nice surprise burst of colors, contrasting the simple exterior.  

Now I just need to send them!

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