27 October 2012

And so it begins...

...I have started cat-proofing the office.  Patty and Selma have been pretty good for being cooped up in the room while we work on getting them and Colbert used to each other.  They’ve been relatively non-destructive, except for one place: my new SAYL Chair.  

They view my beloved new desk chair as their personal playground and the seat as an extremely comfortable scratching pad.  To combat their razor-sharp kitten claws, I rigged up this ridiculous seat cover using a towel, twine, and packing tape.  I tried a toilet seat cover, but it was way too small.  The towel works well enough, and we’ll see how well it continues to protect from their scratching.

Patty and Selma also enjoy knocking computer cords onto the floor, so a couple of binder clips on the back of the desk have put an end to that.

I’m also in the process of working on a solution for keeping contained all of the litter that spills out of the litter box.  Apparently kittens like playing in their litter box.

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