31 December 2012

Year in Review: Favorite Posts

Looking through the blog posts from this last year, I have selected some of my favorites. I hope you all have enjoyed reading them and will continue to read my ramblings on design and modern living in the future.

Thanks for visiting, and Happy New Year!

Open Shelving

One of the aspects of our current apartment that I would consider repeating in a future house, provided it’s designed in a more modern and controlled manner.

Something New-ish

Vincent surprised me with this old Polaroid camera.  I received some advice after this post about how to clean the camera to prevent some of the blemishes that occurred on most of the photos.  Of course, I got distracted and never cleaned it, so that’s one of my goals for the new year.

View from on High Line

A wonderful day celebrating my birthday with Vincent and my aunt in NYC, particularly on strolling on the High Line.

Boardwalk Empire
Some fun in Ocean City, NJ, complete with Photoshopped photos. I don't know what Ocean City is like post-Sandy, but I'm glad I was able to experience it before the devastation that swept through the Jersey Shore.

SAYL Chair

Because of my love for Herman Miller furniture, and needing a new office chair, I bought a new SAYL chair, which is as beautiful, unique, and comfortable as I could have hoped for.

Patty and Selma

We now have two new members of our family!  An update on the kittens that I never discussed on the blog, however, is that Patty is actually a boy.  The vet was incorrect in telling us that Patty was a girl, so now Patty is Pat.

Cats Everywhere

This is a new photo, but it shows Colbert's thoughts on
the cat situation.
Colbert’s reaction to having two new kitten siblings.  Now the cats and Colbert love each other, and we’re one big happy family.

Christmas Craftiness

In an effort to do more DIY projects, I made this candy cane wreath.

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