03 February 2013

New Look, Part 2

In the previous post, I discussed some of the changes made to open studio’s layout. It’s amazing how much you can do yourself relatively easily just by Googling specific tutorials.  In addition to the category tags and social media icons, I added some other new features that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Pin It:
One of the cooler things I added is the “Pin It” button. If you hover your mouse over any image in a blog post, a small Pinterest icon will appear in the lower left corner of the image.  

Clicking this button brings up a page to create a pin using that image, automatically filling in the description with the title of the blog post.  

I wish I was smart enough to figure out how to do this on my own, but that’s the beauty of Google.  I found this tutorial from BloggerSentral; it was really easy to follow and recreate on my own blog.  I didn’t like how large the Pinterest icon was, however, so I made a smaller version in Photoshop instead.

Open Studio Button:
Another easy tutorial to follow is this one for adding a grab button to your sidebar from Code it Pretty.  I will tell you right now, I will be creating a new version of this button, but for now it works.  

I’m also considering adding another one at a different size since 125x125 seems pretty small.  An extensive online search confirmed that 125x125 pixels is a standard button size, but other sizes under 200x200 are acceptable as well.

What are some ways that you have improved your own blog or website?
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

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