06 April 2013

To-Do List

While this apartment has always felt temporary, the longer we live here, the more I realize I need to make some improvements that I would otherwise pass off as being something to do in an apartment we plan on staying in for many years.  It would be nice to bring this place up to our standards, making it feel more homey and comfortable and less like a temporary stop before finding our “perfect” apartment.  Obviously, because it’s a rental, any improvement I do has to be removable, but there are plenty of options out there now to make a rental apartment feel like a permanent home.  I also want to tackle projects that I think would be more universal; in other words, ones that could probably work in any other apartment we rent in the future.

I’m hoping that putting these projects in list-form on my blog will help get them out of my head (and out of Pinterest!) and into reality.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good list?!

  • Make new shades for the living room to replace the venetian blinds that the kittens destroyed.
  • Add a “feature wall” behind the bed using removable wallpaper.
  • Reorganize the nightstand, remove the table lamp, and add wall-mounted light fixtures on either side of the bed.
  • Customize my closet.
  • Find a new use for the wine crates that have been sitting on the floor in the office collecting dust for the past year and a half.

Pat destroying the blinds

Removable Wallpaper via Chasing Paper, DIY Lamp via Bungalow 5,
Closet via Take the Side Street

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