28 October 2013

Star Struck!

Let me get straight to the point: I met HGTV’s Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri from Cousins Undercover, Cousins On Call, and Kitchen Cousins! They even talked to me for awhile after taking a few photos with me, and I somehow managed to keep my composure and form complete sentences in their presence! I also met Genevieve Gorder from Dear Genevieve, but I don’t have a photo to prove it.

Photo from Sharp Communications
Photo from Sharp Communications

Now for the backstory:
A couple weeks ago, I joined some friends from work for the launch party of Dekton (a new product by Cosentino) at the Center for Architecture in NYC. I had to go somewhere before the party so I was going to meet my coworkers at the CFA, but ended up arriving before them. While I was waiting for them inside, Anthony came up next to me to grab a drink. Since I had no idea the HGTV stars would be there and because I’m an embarrassment when I get star struck, I immediately froze, saying nothing and just smiling like a crazy person. After finding my coworker’s sister, who works for the PR firm that was putting on the event, I told her how excited I was to see the HGTV stars, as I’m a little too obsessed with HGTV, so she pulled Anthony aside to have him take a photo with me. He then grabbed his cousin John and suddenly I found myself having my photo taken with both cousins and having a conversation with the two of them about design! They then introduced me to Genevieve, and my night was complete! All of this happened before my friends even arrived at the party.

Before I knew HGTV people would be at the event, I was actually excited about the product launch and the corresponding exhibit. It was not only highlighting Dekton and its features, but also showcasing an exhibit by six local emerging architects who each created a model or design piece either using Dekton materials or interpreting concepts of the product in some manner. Below are my favorites.

Model by SOFTlab
Detail of model by SOFTlab
Model by Architecture in Formation

I’m so glad I was able to attend this event, and I’m feeling very fortunate to have met and talked with Anthony and John!

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