06 April 2011

It's all in the Details

When we first toured what would soon become our new apartment, Vincent and I both instantly fell in love with the finishes.  The property management company that owns the building had done a gut renovation on it, hoping to sell the units as condos.  They managed to sell the units in one half of the building, but couldn’t sell our half.  We gladly took advantage of the opportunity to rent a brand new condo!  Because of this, the finishes are slightly nicer than you would find in a typical rental.  One detail in particular that caught our eyes was the window sills.

What rental apartment has marble window sills?!  I love these for two reasons:
1.  They look cool.
2.  They are functional.

They are perfect for holding the miscellaneous items that previously lived in random locations, like on top of the fridge.  Now these items look more purposeful.  Maybe one day I’ll actually grow something in those little pots.

Even the window in the shower has a shelf (don’t worry, the window is translucent so nobody can see in)!  Although the sill is sloped in order for the water to drain away from the window, we can still keep all of our shower supplies on the shelf.  No more shower caddy!

Traditional windows tend to have wood frames surrounding the opening in addition to a wood sill.  Our windows, however, don't have any frame.  This is a more modern approach, allowing the sill material to stand out.  I think it's a nice touch that the window sills in the kitchen and bath are the same materials as the countertops.  This is certainly something worth repeating in the future.

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  1. Love your blog (and Colbert's reports)! Can't wait to read more.


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