02 April 2011

Design Love

I was one of those weird children who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up, and never wavered from it.  Since I was 9 years old I knew I was going to be an architect. 

*As a side note, I didn’t get a Bachelor of Architecture because I had wanted to go to Duke University, which does not have an Architecture program, since I was 7 years old, so Duke won out.

For many years, I was an avid traditionalist.  In fact, I wrote my application essay to Duke about how much I despised Frank Gehry's work!  Basically, my preferred aesthetic came down to two things:
1. Lack of exposure to contemporary design.
2. Not understanding the context for contemporary design.

It wasn’t until taking an Art History course in college called “Modern and Post-Modern Architecture” that I began to appreciate contemporary design.  All it took was that one professor teaching me how to interpret the historical, political, social, and cultural contexts for each style of architecture.  Being shown slide after slide of Modern and Post-Modern architecture, analyzing the structural and design elements that define the works, reading books and articles written by the very architects designing these buildings; I was converted.

I'm not necessarily trying to convert you too, but I want you to be able to form your own opinion using all of the information available.  Contemporary design is not evil, neither is traditional design, but each has its place and time.  I just want to show you what’s being designed and built in the world, and maybe it will inspire you as much as it does me!

PS. I promise that future Design Love sections will not be this wordy.  Now bring on the pretty pictures!

INFOSTRUCTURE by MANIFESTO, as seen on Arch Daily
I'm a sucker for "folded" facades and units repeated to form interesting patterns.

"Physical Computing's Greatest Hits (and misses)," as seen on Interactive Architecture
I wish I was smart enough, and digitally savvy enough, to create interactive landscapes.  Very cool stuff!

Foeger Woman Pure by Pedrocchi Architekten, as seen on Dezeen
I believe that every aspect of a space should be fully designed, including (as in this case) the hangers.

Macedonia by Freedom of Creation, as seen on 3rings
Digital Fabrication is such an amazing aspect of design, and can be so freeing.  Things like this space divider exemplify the limitlessness that technology enables in design and fabrication.

Pet Planters by Pousse Creative, as seen on Dog Milk.
I want one!

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