22 June 2011

I Can Has Chicken?

Summer is no fun for a Colbert.  My people make me walk in this ridiculous heat, when all I really want to do is lie down in the shade.  Plus, there are more bunnies outside than normal, and they sit there taunting me because they know I can’t catch them when I’m on my leash.  Possibly the worst part about summer, though, is that my daddy grills a lot and doesn’t share any of the food with me!

Last night was bbq chicken night.  It smelled soooo yummy, but I only got to eat the same food I have every day.  It’s hard being a Colbert!

At least I can relax on the deck while he grills.  I do enjoy deck-time with my mommy and daddy, even though I know I won’t get any of the delicious-smelling food.

All I can do is hope that a piece of chicken falls, and I’ll be right there to clean it up.  Maybe one day I’ll get lucky and they’ll give me some people food just for being the good boy that I am.  Here’s hoping!


  1. Colbert's forlorn looks in these photos made me laugh/spit diet coke on my work laptop.

  2. You are truly a dork :P
    Your Brother

    PS whoops! this post was supposed to be anonymous...

  3. Rachel, I'm sure Colbert would be pleased that his pain and suffering resulted in your amusement. At least someone can benefit from his misfortune!

  4. Dearest Brother, Dorkiness runs in the family.

  5. Dearest Brother and Sister, Dorkiness does run in the family, but it skipped over me.


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