05 June 2011

It's Wedding Season!

This afternoon I attended my first bridal shower since my own last summer.  While the bride-to-be was opening her gifts, two women who have been married to their husbands longer than I’ve been alive asked me wedding registries.  Has the surprise been lost when you open a gift that you specifically picked out for yourself?  While I think it’s still exciting and fun to open a gift, even if you know it was from a list of items that you selected, it’s still a somewhat odd situation to be in.  Thank you for buying me something I chose for myself?  Obviously no bride actually says this out loud, but everyone is thinking it.  In the end, though, you want the gifts to be from your registry.

For this bridal shower, I purchased a gift from their registry, but decided to hand-make the card.  It’s a small gesture, but it helped me feel like I’m giving something more personal.

I knew I wanted to draw a bride on the front of the card, but I wasn’t sure how I wanted to accent it.

I decided to add some color, but I wasn’t as happy with this result.

Finally I decided on a generic green-grass, blue-sky look.

I also had a little too much fun writing her name on the envelope!  Normally I abstain from calligraphy-type fonts due to my modern tendencies, but I thought it was suitable for a bridal shower.

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