09 June 2011

Vase Time

One of our many wonderful wedding gifts was the Palmetto Vase and Hurricanes from Crate&Barrel, which I have been filling with seasonal decorations or vase-fillers. 

Photo from Crate&Barrel

So far, my favorite was at Christmastime when I filled it with solid-colored ornaments and some thin branches.  Of course I forgot to photograph it, but this image below is kind of the inspiration.

Photo from Crate&Barrel

I didn’t have a good idea for the post-Christmas and not-yet-spring season (one might also call this “winter”), so the vase sat vacant until a couple weeks ago.  I finally stopped being and lazy and filled it with the spring/summer decorations.

I picked up these incredibly life-like plastic lemons and limes from HomeGoods, which is a great place to find miscellaneous home decorations or furnishings.  As I was arranging the vase, I started thinking about how I don’t want to keep buying vase fillers and other decorations every couple months, and then I remembered something I saw on Apartment Therapy. 

Photos from Apartment Therapy

Maybe I could incorporate everyday household objects as well.  Here is my attempt at using some items I had just lying around.

The Palmetto Vase is much larger than the ones in the Apartment Therapy photos, so it requires many more objects than I have on hand.  For now, the lemons and limes will stay in the vase for the remainder of the spring and summer, but I’ll probably play with arranging various objects once the fall comes along.  We’ll see how it goes.

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