20 July 2011

A is for Apple

This past weekend, Vincent and I drove up to the suburbs of Chicago to visit my friend, Becky, from high school who had a baby at the end of February.  I wanted to make a unique present that incorporated the baby’s room’s theme: lady bugs.  Becky is the last person to have a girlie-girl, so a lady bug theme is the perfect way to add a touch of femininity without any hint of pink!

This is the final result, but I’ll discuss my process a bit below.

In all aspects of design (architecture, graphics/print, art, etc.), I really enjoy playing with typologies.  By this I mean referencing something that is iconic of a specific type in order to make something new.  In this case, I was drawing from an image that often appears in children’s books or flash cards helping kids learn their a-b-c’s.

Photo from Mr. Printables

[Technical Note: I used Adobe Illustrator for everything except the lady bug.  I’m not comfortable enough to create forms in Illustrator, so I drew it in AutoCAD first and added all of the colors once I brought it into Illustrator.  Anytime I’m making something with text or lines that need to remain crisp, I prefer Illustrator because it operates in vectors.  Photoshop, on the other hand, is ideal for photos or other pixilated images.]

To keep it pretty minimal, I grouped the text in one corner and the lady bug in the opposite corner.  My first attempt included a simple background color with an “inner glow effect,” but this seemed too empty, so I added a plaid background.

This seemed like it was geared more towards a boy, so I went with a simple striped background instead.

I was pretty happy with the final result, but more importantly, we had a great visit!  Little Addie was such a cutie, and hopefully she's letting her parents get more sleep!

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