26 July 2011

Methods of Assembly

A few weeks ago, I won a book giveaway from Pleat Farm, which is “an informational and inspirational online platform – a design pasture showcasing the latest in apparel, textiles, architecture, furniture, paper art and product design, with a focus on innovative material applications such as folding, bending and knotting” [PF].  Now, I never win anything, so needless to say I was excited.  However, my excitement also stemmed from the fact that this is the type of book I would buy on my own and I was getting it for free.  

In fact, my personal design portfolio is divided into categories named after various methods of assembly, one being Folding.  The book I won, Folding Techniques for Designers: From Sheet to Form by Paul Jackson, may appear to focus on paper, but the principles can apply to any scale, from a small object to a skyscraper.

Last night I decided to flip through it and start trying some of the folding techniques.  Vincent thought I was crazy when he came home to find me engulfed in paper, but I was having fun!  Here are a few of my creations.

I love this texture, it could make a fascinating building skin.  The two little pieces were my attempt at making a series of units that were intended to connect in a way that would create a unique whole.  Unfortunately I got frustrated and gave up temporarily.  Hopefully I’ll come back to this endeavor and be more successful next time (ie. more patient).  Until then, here are some fun works of art made out of paper.

Photo from Yatzer
Photo from Web Urbanist
Photo from Design Milk

Photo from Cool Hunting


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