18 September 2011

Balloon Glow

Friday night I went to the Balloon Glow in Forest Park.  I have wanted to go to this event the entire time we’ve lived in St. Louis, but it has never worked out (mostly because I was in studio the first 3 years!).  Friday night’s activities included eating a picnic with a friend while watching the hot air balloons light up, followed by fireworks.  The number of people in the park for the Balloon Glow was astonishing, making it even more exciting to hear the cheers every time the balloons fired up.

Photo from The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

On our way out of the park, my friend and I stopped in front of the Grand Basin at the foot of the Art Museum to observe the September 11th Memorial.  Thousands of flags were lined up on Art Hill, making a powerful statement.

Saturday, the balloons raced from Forest Park following the Energizer Bunny balloon.  I didn’t watch the race this year, but when I was in school, it was a great excuse to take a break from studio.  We always had a perfect view from outside of the architecture building.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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