12 September 2011

Something New

I’ve done a little work to the blog.  Can you guess what it is?

First I replaced the Blogger “favicon” with the O from the Open Studio logo.  Making a favicon is actually really easy, especially if you have Photoshop.  All you need is the plug-in to be able to save in the .ico format, available here.

Next, I updated the pages for Colbert’s Corner, Behind the Scenes, and Design Love.  Since creating this blog, I have wanted to add clickable images that link to previous posts in each category, but I couldn’t figure out a) how to place images side by side and b) how to make an image act as a link.  Through some recent googling, I found tutorials on both, here and here.  The tutorials involve manipulating the html code, which is pretty foreign to me, so I found myself switching back and forth between the HTML and Compose views.

In the end, I got it looking the way I wanted.  I will admit, I did shout out in excitement and exclaim “Oh yeah, I’m good” when the update was successful (even though I’m sure this is pretty rudimentary for a real programmer).

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