06 September 2011

Spice Things Up

Since we moved into this apartment over a year ago now, we’ve been on the hunt for a smaller spice rack.  Our current spice rack, which we’ve owned since moving to St. Louis 5 years ago, was a cheap but practical option that wasn’t intended to remain on display on the counters.  We spent the first few months in this apartment searching for a new, cooler-looking version that would be at home in the brand new kitchen.  After not finding something we could both agree on, the search died out a bit...until recently.  Enter Pinterest.



My latest obsession is with pinterest.com, an extremely addictive website for storing and organizing inspiring photos of whatever you find on the internet.  A few weeks ago I came across this spice rack from Dean & Deluca.



I’m certainly not willing to spend $95 (for the small one) or $165 (for the large one), so here’s my DIY version:

2 sets of test tubes from Amazon - $8 + shipping
Acrylic box from The Container Store - $5
Already had the spices - $0

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