27 September 2011

The Out-of-Towners

This weekend, my college roommate and her husband came to visit.  We had a wonderful weekend full of laughing, eating, more laughing, more eating, and a little sightseeing thrown in for good measure.  Since we had perfect weather, most of our time was spent outdoors (when we weren’t at restaurants).  However, returning home each night to sleep emphasized how small our apartment really is.  As I have mentioned before, we use the second bedroom as our living room.  While this works perfectly well for just the two of us, having overnight guests means that it suddenly becomes the guest room.


Clearly Colbert thinks the air mattress is his.

The air mattress squeezed in between the couch and TV stand gets the job done, but it’s not pretty.  In our future house, I would love to have a loft area that can serve dual functions as an office and guest room.

Photo from Apartment Therapy

Photo from Apartment Therapy

I love this idea of utilizing the dormer for a small office, allowing the remaining space to be free for other purposes.

Photo from Arch Daily


This isn’t a loft, but it’s a cool way to incorporate both a desk and bed.  For now, the air mattress will have to do.

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