29 October 2011

Goobye Table, Hello Chair

Craigslist is such a wonderful creation.  I posted a description and photos of our dining table at 9pm on Tuesday, I received 7 or 8 responses about it within the following 12 hours, and it was sold and out of my possession by 8pm on Wednesday.  All that remains is the carpet we bought specifically to go under the table in our current apartment, on which Colbert now enjoys lying.  Our new apartment in New Jersey has a large eat-in kitchen and no dining room, so we decided that we’d rather take up more space with storage than table.  Fortunately (or unfortunately for Colbert), our new apartment also has hardwood floors, so the carpet will get put to good use either in the living room, office, or bedroom.



Encroaching on Colbert’s carpet-lying space is a new-to-me Eames Aluminum Group Chair, which had resided in the architecture office that I worked at for almost 2 years up until yesterday.  When I came in to work for my last day on Friday, my boss, Brian, generously gave me the chair that I have been in love with since I first saw it and sat in it.  When I started at the office, I instantly recognized the iconic lounge chair, and was pleasantly surprised by its comfort.  This particular chair had been given to Brian’s business partner, Gregory, by a friend who had decided to rid himself of all of his possessions (except for a single plate, knife, fork, lawn chair, cot, and clothes).  Gregory gave the chair to Brian in 1987, and now Brian has given it to me.  I will give it a wonderful home, and perhaps one day in the distant future, I can pass it on to someone else who can appreciate this beautifully designed piece.

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