04 November 2011

Swimming in Boxes

I have been without internet since Monday, so I have a lot to fill you in on regarding The Great Move of 2011.  Currently I’m camped out at Panera, taking full advantage of their free wifi.  We hired movers to both pack our belongings and move them to New Jersey.  Best money ever spent.  The packers came on Monday, and they finished packing all of our stuff in 4 hours.  A year and a half ago, when we packed for our move to the new apartment in St. Louis, it took me and Vincent over a week!  After the packers left, I felt like I was drowning in boxes.  We don't even have all that much stuff!  Needless to say, Colbert was not happy with the situation.

Tuesday, the guys came to load all of the packed boxes and the remaining bulky items into the truck.  This process should have only taken a little over 3 hours, but getting the fridge out of the apartment took an extra 2 hours!  Now we just have to wait to receive it all on the New Jersey end.

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