07 October 2011

Sink Half Full

So far it seems like all of the lessons I have learned from living in this apartment are things I would want to avoid or change in a future house.  Well, the sink is not one of those things.



I love this sink for two reasons:
1.  It’s a basin sink, meaning that there is no divider in it.
2.  It’s huge!

In my humble opinion, sinks with dividers (like this one below) are utterly useless.  I have yet to understand the point of them.  All they do is make it so that you can’t fit as many dishes in the sink at one time, and often times the lack of a garbage disposal on the larger side means you have to be careful about which dishes go in which side.  Our enormous basin sink is perfect for carefully containing the mess that accompanies making recipes for dinner.

Photo from Kohler


Fortunately, Vincent is the cook in our house, which means that we eat delicious dinners that unfortunately result in lots of dirty pots and pans.  If I were responsible for cooking, we would be surviving on microwavable meals, and thus no dishes and no need for such a wonderful sink.

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