14 October 2011

New Adventures...

We recently found out that Vincent got a job at Seton Hall University, which is in South Orange, NJ and only about a 30 minute train ride into NYC!  So after 5 years in St. Louis, we're heading back to the East Coast.  We're both really excited about the move, which will happen very soon!  Vincent's looking at apartments on Monday, and we will quickly begin the arduous process of preparing to move halfway across the country.  Fortunately, Vincent is pretty familiar with the area, having gone to undergrad at Seton Hall and spent the year after college interning in the very office that he will soon be working.  

I'm very excited to know where we will be living, particularly so I can starting planning blog topics!  We have been spoiled by St. Louis and its cheap cost of living, and we will not be living in such a beautiful, modern apartment anymore.  It will take some getting used to, but I'm looking forward to the experiences of a new place.  Colbert, on the other hand, would prefer that we did not move.  He's in for a rude awakening in a couple weeks!

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