07 December 2011

Off the Wall

Vincent and I have been married for 16 months, and only yesterday did I finally hang photos from our wedding.  We received the brushed silver Crate and Barrel frames as wedding gifts, but they sat in a closet until we moved to New Jersey.  While hanging everything on the walls, I insisted that we hang the empty frames as well in order to force us to finally print photos from the wedding.  Well, as you might have expected, they remained empty on the walls for a couple week.  Monday night, we decided to flip through all of our wedding photos to choose the ones to frame.  This process took about 10 minutes.  That’s it.  After 16 months of procrastinating, it came down to 10 minutes.



Now the photos are at home in their beautiful frames, and I’m feeling silly for letting it go for so long.

The move also prompted me to hang a shadow box with two models I made in architecture school.  I graduated in 2009, these models have been sitting on the desk for over two and a half years!  I bought the shadow box about a year ago.  All I was waiting for was to get some pins to use to hang the models in the shadow box.  Again, it wasn’t until moving to New Jersey that I finally put the models in the shadow box.  It took a total of 4 pins, 2 for each model.  Actually I didn’t even buy the pins.  Vincent recently purchased some new work shirts, and I used 4 of the roughly 30 pins that came with the shirts on my model display.  



As soon as I hung it on the wall, I again felt very silly for waiting so long.  At least it's up now!

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