12 December 2011

A Perfect Day

Maybe this move isn’t so bad after all.  Yesterday my people took me in the car to Eagle Rock Reservation, where they let me run around off-leash.  There were a lot of different paths in the woods, but I mostly ran ahead and then would have to come back and wait for my slow people, as they were intent on taking their sweet time.  Clearly they didn’t understand how much fun it was for me to run around, otherwise they would have made an effort to run too.

The weather was perfect for hiking: chilly and sunny.  My favorite kind of weather.  I heard my daddy saying that it was so muddy because the ground keeps freezing and thawing.  Normally I don’t like getting wet and dirty, but I made an exception yesterday.  It was refreshing to run through the leaves, splash through muddy puddles, and feel the crisp air blowing in my face.  I couldn’t have been happier!


Eventually they put me back on my leash and we walked to the lookout area.  My mommy kept saying how much she loved that spot because you could see all of New York from there.  I don’t know what she was talking about, I couldn’t see anything.



Finally we got back in the car, and my perfect day came to an end.  Part of me knew the horrors that awaited me at home, but I was so happy from the afternoon’s activities that I tried not to think about the inevitable bath.  If my people truly loved me, they would let me enjoy the rest of the day in filth.  No such luck.  Maybe next time.

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