17 June 2012

Basket Case

The recent blanket situation on the couch has really started to bother me lately.  I always start with the best intentions, perfectly folding each blanket and placing them in a pile on the couch before going to bed.  That only lasts so long before it becomes a mangled lump, which I’m sure Colbert uses as his own personal pillow.  Recently, that lump of blankets has migrated to the Eames chair, resulting in my favorite chair getting little to no use.  This has prompted me to take action.

After a quick Target run, I am now equipped with a lovely new basket to hold the blankets.  I have been looking at various types of baskets, but I decided on this one because of its neutral look (in our house, neutral means dark), the fact that it has a liner so the blankets don’t snag on the wicker, and because it is large enough that once I stop folding the blankets (and we all know that day will come) they’ll still fit in it.  

Now why, might you ask, don’t I just store the blankets in a closet since it’s almost summer?  Good question.  The answer is relatively simple: I’m weird.  I’m a generally cold person, so as I sit on the couch with either the AC or ceiling fan running, I start to get chilly and need to wrap up in a blanket.  Vincent is the opposite, and therefore thinks I’m crazy, but it is what it is; and now I can sit in my Eames chair again!

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