23 July 2012

Magic Portal

After taking some time off for personal reasons, I am returning to Colbert’s Corner.  The move was trying, given my aversion to change, but things are getting back to normal.  Ever since the weather got warmer, my people have been taunting me with the delicious smells of fire-cooked meats.  As you may recall, this evil torture on their part is nothing new, but at least last year I had the pleasure of joining them on the deck while they grilled.  This new apartment, however, contains some sort of magical portal from which I am barred.  My mommy and my daddy will enter this secret room, and after awhile, they emerge carrying a plate of food that I am not allowed to have.  

Nobody understands how hard my life is!

Editor’s note: In our new apartment, we share a backyard with our upstairs and downstairs neighbors.  Because both neighbors have young children, our landlord asked us to not let our dog in the backyard, which is just as well since it can get dirty back there.

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