04 March 2013

Kitty Cabinet

Awhile back, I wrote about cat-proofing the apartment and I alluded to a solution I had in the works for the litter box.  Well, that solution has arrived.  I designed a cabinet to house the cats’ litter box in a stylish way in order to keep Colbert away from their litter and to prevent them from scattering litter throughout the apartment.

Having no carpentry skills myself, I recruited Vincent’s stepdad to build the Kitty Cabinet for me.  After emailing him the construction drawings and explaining it in detail over the phone, he quickly got to work, texting me progress photos throughout the process.

This past weekend, Vincent’s mom and stepdad made the 500 mile drive up from North Carolina for a visit, bringing the Kitty Cabinet with them.  I designed it to be larger than most people might want--because we have a rather large litter box that both cats share and I added space adjacent to the opening to provide a buffer between the outside and the litter box--but it fits perfectly in the office.

My design inspiration came from multiple sources:

The initial idea to build a cabinet to hide the litter box.

via The Chive

I shamelessly copied this cat opening.

via Architizer

I love the legs on a lot of mid-century modern furniture.  Unfortunately, you can’t see the legs that well because of the proportions.  

via Mid-Centuria

In retrospect, I should have have designed the legs to be more like this...

via BLTD

...or this.

via Fab

The next step is to make a cushion to sit on top of the cabinet, which I hope Pat and Selma will use as a cat bed.  I suppose it could also serve as a bench for people, as well.

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