09 May 2013

Kids These Days...

These kittens get away with everything and they have no respect for authority.  When I was a puppy, I wasn’t allowed on the furniture or the table or the counter, and I respected those rules.  Now, whenever my people tell the cats to get off the counter, they just sit there staring back at them defiantly.  If I did that, I would have been punished, no questions asked.  So not only do the cats not care, but the people don’t care either.  They let them behave badly with no consequences.

Since my mom and dad won’t discipline them, I have to be the one to teach them the hierarchy here.  It’s a slow process, due to their lack of accountability up until now, but we’re making positive strides.  They’re beginning to understand that morning biscuits are for Colberts only and not to be shared.  Also, if I say it’s mine, then it’s mine.  The kittens are starting to respect the boundaries I am establishing, but every once in awhile they relapse and I have to put them back in their place.

Now I just need my people to stop spoiling them, and all will be fine.

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